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6 Years
Sep 7, 2013
Parachute, Colorado
I am Susan from Parachute, Colorado. Not so new to chickens but have been away from them since I was a kid. Married with grown kids and 6 grandkids. I have 16 chickens, mostly easter eggers, light brahama bantams and some I am not sure what. I am looking for olive egg and pink egg layers but haven't had much luck finding them in Colorado. Does anyone know where I can get sexed females or pullets without paying a fortune to have them shipped?
You could try posting on your state thread - put "Colorado thread," in the search box and hopefully something will pop up, When you have 20 posts you can participate in the "Buy, Sell, Trade," section of BYC . I have seen people mention olive eggers but ,not any pink eggs that I recall.
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Good luck with finding what you're looking for!

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