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Jul 9, 2016
So I am new to raising chickens and in love from the start. I built a coop with attached run most defently Predator proof. It would take a grizzly bear to tear this mini mansion down I've wanted chickens for a very long time. I visited local feed store for dog food and walked in and boom right in my face were the cutest lil chicks so I bought 8 of them all the feeds n water dishes organic feed got them all set up and again another feed store run a week later and boom again could not resist so I bought 17 more so now I have 24 chickens. Is the Math wrong. Ya lost one in all of this
Gave the lil one a proper burial. The rest are strong and having fun they see me come out the house they start acting crazy when I get to them they all calm down and wait for grapes that I bring out. Oh and they love when I talk to them they side eye me either think I'm crazy like the rest of my house hold thinks. But hey I'm having fun and they adore me. come to me when I call them to a roost I have in run and hand feed. I have a red nose pit bull she was lil weirded out about the new members of the family now she protects them nothing that can attack or Harass them comes in the yard on her watch. She nows they are our baby's she lays sleeps next to run. Chickens don't mind anymore they love her too. I've read a lot here and stalked for awhile and now I'm a member of byc. Thanks for welcoming me and my family here in advance

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