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I have been looking through BYC trying to find an OK chicken group. Glad I found you. I am new to this thread and fairly new to BYC. At this time, I only have Barnevelders. This has been the only breed I've been able to keep as all the other type's roos flog my handicapped daughter which has caused her to be scared of all birds. She loves our horses and shows them at halter but the birds scare her to death. I am searching for another breed and have been advised the cochin is docile, even the there anyone out there with these chickens? I am hoping to find some..I have asked Bo Garrett for some eggs when he can, but otherwise, is there anyone out there with chicks...or an older pet would be great too that we could love as a pet. I had thought the LF would be better for eggs later on but I've been told the batam varieties eggs are fair size. And maybe the smaller chicken wouldn't scare her as badly if tame...not sure. Anyhow, and advice would be appreciated. I see there is a swap that folks bring birds to? And what are the shows for this year? I would like to look into that as well.
I am sorry fairwind, I mistyped, I meant to say Euskal Oiloa (Basque chickens)
. I have eggs coming in March, wanted to hatch some last fall but didn't have winter housing for chicks. If you have any questions about them you should contact Skyline Poultry on this thread

They are supposed to be very friendly right from hatching. They are unusual chicks, but I think Skyline is going to be selling hatched chicks this spring. He is a very nice guy and would I am sure be happy to answer your questions.
Will you or do you have any cochin eggs, chicks or started birds to sell?

No, i have my little cochin roo - and his mixed flock of ladies, who are pretty spotty on laying right now- check with mjgigax , i am sure she could help- hers are beautiful- this is my girls from her

I enjoyed your web site and the art work that you do....I also enjoy art and have always loved horses and birds especially for artwork...I used to breed parrots as well. Such enjoyable creatures.....

thanks- i have done alot of parrots- and learned alot doing them, i saw your site, beautiful horses!! i had horses as a kid, and spent many hours drawing them.

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