New toBCM's- help rate my roo?

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    I'm new to marans but I really love my BCM roo and I am in it to better the breed. I am looking for some critiques so I can keep my eyes on getting a better roo along the way. I have eggs in the incubator now so possibly one of his offspring will replace him.
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    Here you go:
    Try this website. Little Peddler Marans, Bred to the French Standard.;id=1;url= Scroll down the page and there is an illustration of how to compare your roo to the Standard.
    Now click on "Photo Gallery" on the main page. Take a look at the
    "Heavensent Ranch" BCM rooster pic. It is the second pic down on the right hand column. This is a very high class Marans roo. Compare the birds you see thrroughout the pages of the Little Peddler's site with your boy.
    Best Regards,
    Karen in western PA
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