New Tractor


12 Years
Jul 20, 2007
I finished my new mini tractor today.
The coop is 36" x 18" x 25" tall
The attached run is 36" x 36" x 25" tall.
Full size galvanized lid on hinges with a locking hasp.
1" wire all around the run, and under the bottom as well.

I figure it will be just right for 2-3 bantams or a single broody hen.

Here it is with a 5 gallon bucket sitting on top for pespective.


Lid propped open

Inside the coop - no roost yet. I will cut a nice branch to go in there.



Going to the auction tonight. Might find a nice trio of bantams to go in there. Or better yet, a mom and a clutch allready hatched. They have them all the time.
Mike!!! You did a great job! I hope you threw that in the back of a pick-up and had everyone at the auction come see what you did! You would have a list of people wanting at least two each.

Show us what you bought!! Claudia
Writer of words...............
A trio of Bantams, maybe 4 bantams.
2 standard size hens. No more.

Here is what I got tonight at the auction.
A guy had some 8 day old RIR that were supposed to be sexed. He runs a local hatchery.
There were 21 total and he said 5 were roos.

I bought 5. Cute little boogers. They are in the brooder ( cardboard box with heat lamp) in the spare bedroom now. They allready found the food.


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