New Vermont


8 Years
May 24, 2011
I am starting up a back yard chicken situation! I live in a neigborhood. I have decided that I am not telling my neighbors, as the image of "your neighbor keeping chickens" is way worse that what is actually going to happen. I'm getting 3 chicks and will have a nice little coop with enclosed run. Free ranging will occur when I'm out and about in the yard keeping tabs on the ladies. I have a husband who is a bit less interested in this, but supportive enough to let me do it and help with coop construction. I also have a little girl (almost 2 yrs) and an 8 yr old chihuahua.
I hope that we all enjoy it as much as I expect!
Welcome to BYC clarkechick.

Lots of people here have flocks in neighborhoods,.. like me,.. I did check first to make sure it was legal here and then I mad e sure I invited the little neighbor children to see the chicks ,.. sometime to see them hatching, and they all went home with adorable faces and stories to tell Mom about Miss Yvette's chickens and I gave neighbors free eggs in the beginning,.. so it sort of won them over. Now we have 5 families that we have helped with their new flocks. God is good!
I sure hope ya'll have a chicken friendly neighborhood too and you sure have chosen the best place to learn all things poultry here on BYC!

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