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May 20, 2011
This is our first time doing this but I have noticed many of our friends have been giving us wonderful fresh eggs for a while and it sure seems like a good thing to do. So e just got 3 chicks last week and we are keeping them in the bathroom right now. I think we have 1 leghorn, 1 danish brown leghorn and a Rhode Island. I am looking for maybe 1 more hopefully something a bit more exotic I heard a local place has some bantams and some Barred Rocks so I may pick another up. The 3 we have are really sweet amazing how we can see their feathers mature everyday.

Probably start building the coop this weekend. I had a plan for the coop and I wanted to run one question by. We have an old shed that we would use as a 4th wall for the coop/run. The other sides would be open. Is there much to worry about with having a coop against the wall of a building like that?

Thanks in advance.
glad to have you!
I don't see any problems with using the shed as a 4th wall as long as you make sure it is good and sealed against predators digging in. You said the rest will be open? How will they get in out of rain and inclimate weather where they will be dry and warm? Do you have predator proof plans? laying a wire floor and wrapping it up onto the sides is the best trick I have learned from other BYC members. What about the floor covering? What materials will you use? Because I live where it tends to be wet I have found that a 4-6 inch layer of sand works well for us because it absorbes the moisture. Easy to rake up. A bonus is that the girls also bathe in it. I mix it with DE to keep bugs down and replenish a couple inches every six months or so. Nesting boxes are simple, we use old milk crates. They stack easily and can be removed and cleaned quickly.
Thanks guys. Queenbeez - thanks for the detail in your design. I have been trying to figure out the flooring as well. By open I meant enclosed. I could see how that wouldnt seem clear. LOL. Just not attached to the existing structure. I think what I wanted to make sure is that the hens wouldnt eat up the paint and we end up dying from eating lead in our eggs or something like that. The rest of the space will be enclosed with wire mesh and the coop will be in the back raised off the ground.

Thanks again from norther cali

I find it funny how addictive this is. Could easily imagine wanting to go over the city ord of 6 pullets.
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from the Central Valley.

Just thought I'd point out there are a lot of threads from different areas of the state in the Where am I where are you section, so feel free to join in on any or all of them.

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