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    Jul 4, 2010
    I am from Pennsylvania. Last year, my granddaughter asked "Pappy, can we get some chickens?" I thought it would be great for her to grow up ( she is ten) with the responsibilities and the enjoyment of raising chickens and reaping the benefits of homegrown eggs. Well, the responsibilities became mine, of course. She has since moved out of my house but I still have the chickens (what a joy!!!!!). I started out with 8 hens and a rooster. One hen became broody this summer and I let her sit eggs. She hatched out 5. I kept her and the chicks away from the flock for about 6 weeks. I then put her back with the other girls but kept the young-uns by themselves.
    I am wondering when would be a good time to place the young birds in with the rest of the flock? I was also wondering if the rooster would be a problem with any young roosters? Thanks in advacne for any help.
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    Welcome from an imp in Washington

    Congrats on getting chickens.

    It is usually suggested that you wait to integrate till they are close to the same size. Adults can hurt young chicks.
    As far as the roos, I'm not the person to ask. Never had one.
    I think they will either work it out or you will have a problem. See, I'm not much help.

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