New with small self sustaining farm


6 Years
Aug 31, 2013
Milford, ny
This is great! We decided this year to take a leap and own some animals ( besides our kids) and now are the proud owners f 8 goats and 25 chickens and 5 ducks! So far doing pretty well, have had two minor injuries that we were able to handle and now a bigger test as the roosters sliced open the back of one of the girls, does anyone have a pattern for a chicken saddle? So no one else gets this badly? Thanks!!!
sounds like that rooster needs to go to freezer camp. Injuring a hen that badly is inexcusable. There are so many free /low cost really good roosters looking for homes, there is no reason to keep an abusive one. If you go to the buy, sell, trade forum click on the side tab for "everything else for sale," at least two people on there sell chicken saddles(aprons) to protect hens backs. They won't keep a rooster from slicing open a hen but, they help protect their backs from scratches and allow their feathers to grow back.
Well all the 'red' boys are being isolated for the freezer and we are only keeping a brahma male, the red chickens were given to me, have no idea what kind they are but they are friendly as all get out and big! Heavy buggers, so should provide at couple meals this winter
Welcome to BYC - keep those excess roosters isolated from the hens. Many back/side injuries happen when several roosters are gang breeding a hen.

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