New with so many questions-excited though!


6 Years
Sep 26, 2013
Hi I'm Neli from South Africa,two weeks ago I was given two hens and a rooster as a gift from my mother in law.I made a cute coop for them;and they were all sharing until last week when I had to take the rooster back to my mother in law as the neighbors in my area were complaining of the noise. To my surprise the following day my one hen started laying. Now i am wondering if the eggs she is laying will hatch or not as there are 6 now.She is continuing to lay even though there is no rooster. I have read the forum and i know the hen does lay eggs even without the rooster present-however in my case-the rooster was present for a week,advice please.I love my hens and I'm excited with the thought of having chicks.
The eggs they lay should be fertile for up to a month after he left, if he was doing his job, which they usually do. Do you know you need an incubator or a broody to incubate them, though?

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