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New Years Special!! Get a website for $250. Web Design/Updates for you

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by Echoinghills, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Echoinghills

    Echoinghills Songster

    Feb 21, 2010
    Please read entirely, and feel free to post questions on here or PM me. I have been doing webdesign for over 10 yrs, mostly for Cattery (CFA Cat Breeders) and some Dog Breeders in the past. When i started back in Poultry and other Fowl, i decided to do a site for fun for myself...and found it very refreshing to do something different then the same Cat pictures, etc. I am extending myself out to anyone that would like a website, but doesnt know how to build one...or maybe you dont have time, or just dont know how to start. You get to help pick out theme, background, etc. Whatever you want!!

    Website will include 5 pages to start with, navigation buttons, links, any pictures you want on the site, all your payment, contact, or email info, about anything you want on all 5 pages. This is not limited to just 5 pages though!! If you find you need more then 5 pages, we can do more and adjust the pricing abit to your needs, per page. This is for a starter website, which is backgrounds and buttons you help choose, and any pictures you want on there. When you feel the site is finished, then it is done...but not to exceed 2 wks time getting me pictures to put on your site of your animals. When the site is finished, you have the option to contact me monthly or whenever you need me, to do updates at a rate per page/picture then. Most of the time, you may only need your sale page updated and some pics loaded on...so really wont be costly. I do not charge much for updates...or for my webdesign, because with any hobby you dont make much money..it is always going back into the hobby! I try to help by keeping things affordable! I am offering this to help anyone that has always wanted a website, and thought they couldnt afford one. The Webhosting you need is $12 a month, or you can pay for 1 yr and get a very good discount. You will be responsible for paying the Webhosting, not me...so you are in control of that aspect of it..and also the updates you want done then either by me or yourself. The website will be entirely yours when it is done. You will have username and password when it is finished also. Any Questions...feel free to post on here or PM me. I can certainly explain more...this is just a rough idea on how it works, and what i offer. I also offer advertising ideas, sites, etc...to help get your new website out there on the web, and i also help with that. I am always here for support. Anyone wanting a good deal and a good start to a New Year...here is your chance...get your name and site out there....increase your sales volume and exposure! Do not bid... just contact me, i will make a schedule for all individuals that is interested. You do not pay the entire balance at start of website (unless you want to)....i just ask for half of the price as a deposit....then when the site is finished, you can pay remainder or up to 4 wks when it may be affordable for you. The list i make will be first come, first serve... i will go through the list, move on to next person. I am roughly giving 2 wks for each site.... i can do quicker then that, but i like to offer up to 2 wks to get all pics and info to me so not to rush the person i am doing the site for. This also gives everyone ample time to get new pics of their birds or nicer pics...and i can edit/fix up your photos also, put frames on them, to make them match the site theme..or make them better.

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