6 Years
Apr 9, 2013
Brownsburg, IN
My family is new to raising chickens and this site. We've read about everything we can to prepare for our chicks arrival...and they came yesterday morning (11 from Healthy Chicks & More Hatchery). I've been wanting chickens since I was a little kid and now I'm on that journey!! One of the few things I agree with Freud on was this quote: "Happiness is the realization of your childhood dreams."

All our babies are doing great! Our 3 year old daughter just wants to be around them all the time (and so do I!) but we're doing our best to let them be and get acclimated a little. We got a mixed bag of breeds: buff orpingtons, jersey black giant, barred rock, black austrolorps, speckled sussex, & brahmas.

Excited in Indiana!
Greetings from Kansas, wpayton38, and
! Happy you joined the poultry universe! Those are some great breeds you chose! BYC will be here if you ever need any advice or have questions. If you like there is an Indiana thread if the link below if you'd like to chat with some locals! Good luck and have fun!
Hello and welcome from glad you joined BYC

Happy to hear your new peeps arrived safe and sound. They grow up so fast :)

I have family in Indiana near Brookville Lake. Beautiful area

Best wishes raising those little peeps and enjoy the site

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