Newb needs duck coop/house help!


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Mar 22, 2017
Hi all!
So I'm getting two Cayuga ducklings within the next several weeks and I plan on making their housing out of wooden pallets. I need to know a few things...
1) what is the most important things to have in a ducks coop?
2) can they day range or should they have a run? (I have chickens who day range and they seem safe and happy)
3) I have a shallow creek in my backyard...will they get a notion to swim down the creek and not come back? My yard is fenced but the creek part is not.

That's all I can think of at the moment, any first hand experience and advice is greatly appreciated!!!


Feb 21, 2016
Cumbria, UK
Unlike chickens, ducks don't need perches or nest boxes, and most won't go up a ramp. The coop needs to be draft free and weather proof, with adequate ventilation. Also making it predator proof is a MUST- make sure that the doors can't be slipped open by a fox (add latches) and cover windows and vents with hardwire cloth.

They will be happier day ranging, however there is of course the risk of predators. For the first couple of weeks maybe confine them to a temporary run, until they learn where their home is.

Providing they know where their home is, they will return to their coop in the evening for food. Allowing them to access the creek is a good idea, providing there are no snapping turtles- it'll be a lot easier than empting and refilling a kiddie pool for them!

Good luck! :)


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