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Dec 13, 2020
Hi guys! We’re new to raising chickens and are excited to be a part of the BYC community! This site has already helps us a lot.

We’re artists (sculptors) who recently moved out of Hollywood and into Norco, where we bought our first two chicks (one roo and one hen Blue Australorps). Two weeks later, we got a Mottled Java, a Lavender Orpington, and a Partridge Rock. And then the following week we got an Americana, a CA White, and a Production Blue! Yes.. we’re stopping for now, but we certainly have the chicken fever 😅

It was really great that we got the Australorps first because they’re kind to all the new baby chicks and have turned into the mama and papa of the flock. It’s so sweet!

Right now, our plan is to build the main coup and then the bachelor pad right next to it as soon as possible. The roo and his hen are really attached, like little love birds, so we hope they’ll be ok being separated later on! Attached is a photo of the happy couple before we built the bigger brooder.


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