Newbie and I need help!!! PLEASE!! I am new to this!


6 Years
Sep 19, 2013
I rescued a abandoned duckling in end of may this year. I have raised her inside with believe it our not 3 dogs. She follows them around and will run when the smaller dog provides a lil to much attention LOL . But does not like to be handled be me or held. although she will settle next to me in car or on couch. she has been feed duck grower an veggies fruit etc. She/he has flown away once recently but returned the next street over on the neighbors porch pecking at door a week later. I don't think she went far as the closest duck pond is about 3-4 miles away, I think she stayed in the gully just down road, but that has nooo ducks and freezes. I am wondering what I should do. Should I try and release her at a local pond, or is she too domesticated now? I want what is best for her. Please help an THANK YOU :)
Was she rescued from wild or someone? Do you know how old she was when rescued? Guessing here but if she went to another door and follows ur dogs I'd say she's domesticated at this point and releasing would not end well she wasn't shown how to survive but, what are your laws in your area for having a wild duck? If alls okay with law I'd consider clipping her wings or some sort of way she can't fly away for her own safety especially if she's used to dogs she may try to follow one while away and would get hurt badly or worse. You will have to weigh pros and cons but remember she doesn't miss what she doesn't know. Goodluck sounds like you ve got a really sweet duck. Btw if you can't keep her please contact your local shelter they can or will know who to contact to take her.
Thanks for your reply! Well I guess she would be considered wild. From what I researched she was about 4/5 days old.

I was thinking that he would maybe be ok if released with a late group of ducks at a local well kept duck pond????
She would be domesticated. Your duck looks to you as the main food source. Even if she/he goes outside and eats grass, she/he couldn't survive because it isn't used to the wild. You could release the duck, but it may just come flying back.
Oh really even if its miles away?

She managed ok for a week on her own....

Sorry for all the questions and assumptions just want to do what's right. When I put food in bottom of pool she dives around and eats it or if bugs land in it ! She forages in the grass etc...

So that's not enough??

No, that's not enough. It's like the difference between going camping for a week, and living off the land the rest of your life without the tools you need.

If there is a reason you don't want to keep her, then find a new home for her. If you can upload a photo, we may be able to see if she is a domestic breed or not. But aside from that, she is not equipped, in my opinion, for life on her own. Even ducks raised by their duck parents in the wild often don't make it.
No I don't have to nor want to give her up at all. I love her to pieces just where i was new i wanted to have some opions on what to do! i just really want to do what is best for her in the long run. I am very thankful for your wisdom!

So raising her any suggestions and tips! Do duck diapers really work ? I will build a outdoor pen ! What should I continue to feed her now that she has grown etc???
The outdoor pen needs to be very very safe and secure. Please look through the archives on shelters. Lots of things want to eat duck and will go to great lengths to do so.

There are diaper harnesses out there, a growing number of people keep their ducks indoors much of the time. Ours have a pen in the walkout basement, for security and winter warmth and summer coolth.

Take a look at the Stickies at the top of the Duck Forum, too. There is one on raising ducklings. If you can get a copy of either The Ultimate Pet Duck Guidebook or Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks, those have helpful information. I think The Ultimate Guidebook may suit your style of caring for your duck. Storey's Guide is great, great, great, and covers a wider range of purposes for raising ducks.

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