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We are new to chickens. We recently got 4 Rhode Island and 4 Dominique hens, already laying. I'm not sure how much to feed them. We throw them bread and left overs and we have laying pellets. We just throw there pellets in the pen morning and evening. They are not able to run free and we have them in a covered run. Any help will be appreciated. My boys are having a blast getting eggs daily!

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HI and

I would suggest putting a feeder in there to make sure they are getting enough. I have a 10 lb feeder in with my 15 chickens and it lasts them about 2 -5 days.


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We keep ours in the coop, but never feed them in the hen house. Amazingly enough the hen house hardly has any poop in it. We have two feeders - 3/4 lay mash and 1/4 scratch in each one. And of course all the fruits and veggies they want. I gave them a baked potato once and the roo ate so much of it he had mashed potato all around his beak! It was funny

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My feeders stay in my coop at all times...they get fed 2x a day(morning and evening). And they always have a waterer that's cleaned and refilled daily...we actually have LOTS of waterers and feeders. And I would be feeding them the layer pellets. I also mix the pellets with a corn crumble I buy locally. It helps my feed last longer as just the pellets can get pricey.


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I have a feeder in the coop. It's a 30 lb. feeder with a 14-inch basin, the largest we could find. You should hang your feeder so that it's level or just a hair higher than your smallest hens back. This will prevent much food waste.
I don't have a run, my chickens free-range all day. However, I do believe it's a good idea to have two of everything, feeder and waterer; especially when the chickens are young. That way if you have a bully keeping another from their food and water the one that's being bullied has a choice. If your chickens are already to laying age, you should be fine with one feeder. They've long since worked out their pecking order I'm sure.

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