Newbie chick shed and WIR build


Oct 6, 2020
Gilbert, AZ
My Coop
So here's an update on the coops design. It still needs some tweaks as #i think #i need to draw it in a bit to fit the footprint when roof overhangs are taken into consideration - it'll be in a corner that backs on to another property so I need to make sure that the roof (and the guttering) doesn't hang over the fence into their area.

Dad gave me some great tips and a confidence boost - he's desperate to be able to build it with me but its just not possible with Covid restrictions still in place, and with mum and dad's age and health its really important they don't take any chances.

So, here's where I'm at - I'm loving the colour scheme but I might mute the lime a little. I love the idea of a bright colour hiding inside, and an industrial grey look on the outside, but that lime might be a bit much. Does anyone know how chickens respond to colour? Can they see it? I know they see motion much clearer than we do, but wasn't sure how a bright colour might effect them in their living space. I just want it to be happy and cheerful, not a dingy shed in the corner.

P.S the roof is corrugated onduline, I just haven't figured out how to do a corrugated roof without manually drawing each curve along the edge - ain't nobody got time for that!

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What do you use to make the designs?

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