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Aug 10, 2008
New Mexico
So, I done the chicken brooding thing a couple of times now but I'm getting 3 Khaki Campbell ducklings (3 weeks old) tomorrow and want to know how long I need to "brood" them before they can go outside to their house and run. I'm in Northern New Mexico so it is getting cold at night, not freezing by any means.
And once they are outside in their pen, should I lock them into their pen? The run is fully enclosed.
Thanks for the advice!
Hope this helps and if not got to top of screen to the left and do a search cause it comes up with a lot of info

Oh &
Mine only had a 60 watt light bulb till they were about 4 weeks old, then it burnt out and I didn't replace it. They lived in the garage. I'm in MI and it dropped into the low 60s at night.

Now it's dropping into the 50s and they just hang in their pen which is unheated. I won't be using a heat lamp till it gets really cold, as in below freezing.

Just check and see if they are piling on top of each other or just touching.

What kind of fencing is the run made of? Raccoons can grab necks through chain link and even chicken wire isn't strong enough for some predators. I'd close mine into their pen.

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