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7 Years
Mar 8, 2012
Finally located a source of coturnix about 20 miles away and picked up six girls a week ago. Was told they're about four months old. They're standard variety and didn't come cheap but at least they're mature so I don't have to deal with incubators and brooders. So far I've been getting 1-2 eggs a day, hopefully due only to their relocation; and they'll all soon get back on schedule.

Put sand in a large plastic pretzel jar and they love it, sometimes cramming up to four of themselves in there at once. They seem to enjoy that more than eating. But they are well fed, from turkey crumble to garden greens - and live food when I come across pill bugs or small worms which gets them very excited.

The one thing I wasn't prepared for is what little pooping machines they are - anywhere and everywhere, even on vertical surfaces (how do they do that?!).
Since they poop wherever the spirit moves them, leaving their food and water dispensers at ground level is not a good idea.

I elevated their water bottle on a brick but they can still jump up on the brick and take a dump in their drinking water; so will be devising a hanging water bottle with poultry nipple as what I hope will be the final solution.

Here's a photo of what a few of my girls have done in the week that I've had them. I suspect that only two of the six have been laying but hopefully the rest of them will catch on soon.


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