Newbie! First Time Incubating! anyone got any ideas?

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    Hi! I'm very sorry I am a newbie for Incubating! I have 17 chickens, 2 roos, 15 hens. This spring they will all be 2 years old. already they are slowing down laying. we are going to send some of them to a lady we know to "do it" for us. But! There is light! We are going to be going "au natural" and hatch some chicks! But We are told we need a backup plan in case they don't go broody! Here are my questions: (I'm sorry there is a lot) Which chickens should we keep? How many roosters? 1 or 2? Anybody have any links for homemade DIY incubators they have used and know work? What temperature? What Humidity? Where can I get the stuff I need for the incubator? What do I do once the chicks hatch? Do I move them anywere like to a brooder? Answers would be VERY helpful! If you have any tips for the first time hatching chicks, I would be grateful.... oh so grateful. BTW I look up to you guys so much thankyou for helping me out!
    Thanks chickmaniac250
    If you want to see a vid of our first batch of chicks (the ones that are now 2 yrs. old) my username is jeeperscreepers2452 and the vid is In the brooder box with 13 chicks.
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    100 temp 60% humidity for 18 days, last three days 75% humidity ,,you can use lightbulb or heatlamp any box or bin ,,definitly a thermometer,egg must be room temp before going in incubater,,turn eggs 3-5 times a day half turns, but dont touch eggs last three days, make sure some ventilation,place in where big side slanted slightly up,Good luck hope i helped
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