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May 23, 2012
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I am a new member to BYC and would like to say "hello" to all. A little over a year ago, my husband came home with 3 hens; 2 Dominiques and 1 Rhode Island Red. As I interacted with "my girls," I began to observe the pecking order and the unique personalities of each. I quickly became attached! Unfortunately, both of my Dominiques have been killed within the past two months. The first one was killed by my Labrador retriever in March while the other one was killed a few nights ago by a predator of some type. The predator attacked her a few weeks ago and pulled all of the skin away from the neck which we immediately treated. The wound had begun to heal quite nicely but a few nights ago, the predator returned removing only her head. Needless to say, I am heartbroken.
Now, I only have my Rhode Island Red who is quite lonely. I am trying to give her as much attention as possible until we can find another hen close to her age. We are also planning to purchase baby chicks sometime in the near future.
In addition to my "chicken family," I share my home with my husband and occasionally my daughter when she is home from college. I also have a male chocolate Labrador, a female miniature long-haired dachshund, 3 male cats, and 20 something goldfish who share their pond with a small turtle and numerous frogs.
My hobbies include gardening (flowers, vegetables, herbs), reading, photography, crafts, and simply being outdoors and observing nature.
This is a wonderful site which I have searched on many occasions when needing answers to problems with my "girls" and I am glad to be a new member!
I'm sorry to hear about your hens

Welcome to BYC, enjoy the site!

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