Newbie from east Texas


7 Years
May 24, 2012
East Texas
Hello all! I found BYC while researching breeds for my very first backyard flock. I started with five: a BLRW, SLW, Buff Brahma, EE, and a New Hamp. We free range and have lost the EE and Buff already :(. I have replaced one with a BCM and am hunting a high quality Ameruacana. I purchase started pullets to avoid the chick phase. Time is NOT something I have a lot of! In addition to my small flock, I have toddlers twin boys, two dogs, and keep a large year around garden. I am a RN in training to be a neonatal nurse practitioner with a husband in the medical field as well. We live on 5 ac in rural East Texas. I look foward to have BYC as a great resource and community!
BYC is the best! Glad you joined us

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