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Hi all!! So very excited I found this site!! I grew up with chickens, cattle, and hogs, with a horse or twelve thrown in for good measure! Even though I grew up with chickens, about my only jobs were getting the eggs and occasionally catching them for butchering! Having a hard time butchering this flock! I am WAY to attached, all have names!! YIKES!! I have three beautiful daughters, one just graduated from Ivy Tech in Lafayette and starting nursing school in the fall! Youngest will be a sophomore at Ball State in the fall. Oldest is married and works hard keeping everybody in line! Two step-sons, oldest has three boys. Oldest four, and three month old identical twins!! Youngest has a four year old daughter. They pretty much keep me in check!! They love coming and helping out on the farm! I have tons and oodles of interests, so if you have any questions, just ask! I am probably either into it now, was at one time, or thinking of starting it!! lol
Welcome, we are in Indianapolis

We will be having a 2nd annual BYC Meetup-Chickenstock 2010 this year. If you click on the link in our signature line, it will direct you to the link.
Hope you can make it!
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