Newbie from MA!


8 Years
Jan 5, 2012
Hi all!
For the second time in a few years I am back to obsessing over chickens! LOL Growing up (I was very small) we had a smallish farm with chicks, a rabbit, huge garden, pear trees and acres! I think that never leaves you.
I now have a rabbit, two dogs, a cat and a recently a deceased goldfish.

But I keep going back to chickens! not really sure why. I got my kids completely jazzed about it and I think the hubby may give in! HAHAHAHA! My daughter (5) is so excited and both she and my daughter already picked their favorite breed. So cute. My son wants an Easter-Egger and my daughter wants a Australorpe (black) Although we have laughed a lot over getting a black silkie and calling "SQUATCH" (after bigfoot).

So research has begun on the chickens and the coop etc. This site is amazing!!!!!! So exciting. I would really love to have something set up by fall 2012 or spring of 2013 latest. We are going away in March this year, so no chicks until after the big trip.

I will keep checking everyones designs and all the amazing information here! Thank you! Back Yard Chickens here I come!


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