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6 Years
Apr 16, 2013
Well my wife and I recently started our own chicken flock with several breeds because we were unsure of what would work out best, we have Cornish Rocks / Tetra-tins / Leghorns / Rhode island reds, they all seem to be doing well, their all just a few weeks old, but so far so good, had a scare early on with one chick with "foaming-butt" as my four year old son called it, but we quickly separated the chick from the rest of the flock and everything else has been going well.

This is a first time deal with us, one which we plan on carrying on, we soon will be purchasing a incubator/turner when we get eggs, outside of the ones we are going to eat, and as far as the meat birds go, we plan on eating the CR's once they get to 8 weeks old / 6lbs whichever comes first.

Our coup is an addition to the backpart of our garrage, and is spacious enough to support the 24 or so birds we have, we plan on getting more birds, but want to see how well these ones turn out, it will be my duty to harvest the CR's when they get to their weight goal, so I will be looking for some info/vids on how to do that effieciently.

So that is pretty much it, we are having a blast doing it, and look forward to once they start laying eggs.

Your friend,
Howdy from Kansas, MaineGuy1984, and
! Pleased to have you aboard! Sounds like you are a happy chicken keeper! Best wishes to you!

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