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Hi there!

My name is Jen! I am a 3rd grade teacher and am hatching ducklings in my classroom! I know this is primarily for chickens but I've been visiting this site pretty frequently for just tips and generic information. I hope it's okay that I have ducklings and not chickens. I am thoroughly enjoying the process of incubating and candling. I've never done it before and so I'm a worry-wart that I've done something wrong or not doing something right. I hope that this community will help me get by successfully!

I currently have 8 duck eggs set... 6 Pekin and 2 Rouen (but sadly I think one of my Rouen eggs isn't fertilized). I candled some today (got in to school thanks to my understanding custodians at the school) and finally saw the duck eye (it's Day 10 since I set the eggs on April 11th at about 4:30pm). But I was worried because for some reason the humidity had dropped drastically at some point from Friday to this morning. My incubator must maintain humidity between 45-55%. When I left school Friday afternoon, the humidity was about 54%. This morning was 12%!! I wanted to cry. I hope they are okay! I only candled 1-4 out of the 8 (I alternate 1-4 and 5-8 each day) and the duck egg was visible. I couldn't tell if I was the one caused the eye to move or if it was moving on it's own. Should it be moving on it's own already or not yet?

Anyhoo, thanks a bunch for reading my first post and I apologize for already writing a novel but I'm happy to have joined BYC and I look forward to learning my way around!

Thanks Chicken Happy & drumstick diva! I'm so happy to be a member of such a great group!

And thank you so much for the links redsoxs! They were very helpful and now I feel a little better about the drop in humidity... I can't wait to candle the other 4 eggs today!

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