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10 Years
Jan 1, 2010
Near Launceston
we live in Tasmania, Australia, we have about 3 acres in a village about 20 k from Launceston.
We have only been living here for about 6 months and inherited 2 hens and a rooter - rhode Island Reds, they are quite shy as they were left here on their own, one hen has presented us with 3 chicks. We don't know much about chook raising/keeping but they are all doing OK so far. We have no idea of the sex of the chicks, they are a few weeks old now and pretty much have all their feathers, but we don't really see any difference in them regarding behaviours, combs etc. to get a clue if they are boys or girls.
A new chook house is almost completed, it is quite luxurious, 5 star really! Built Queenslander style to keep it out of the wet in winter and give them shade in summer, the insulation still has to go in and the door made, then a run will be constructed, a very large one, don't know how they will feel about this restriction as they are entirely free range at present. They are good girls each laying an egg a day for which we are grateful. It is coming in to autumn now, not much grass around, they get rather a lot of treats as well as their layers pellets, they will eat anything before resorting to eating them.
We have just bought an automatic feeder but have yet started the teaching process, I am wondering if the chicks are heavy enough to activate it yet, would hate for one of the adults to hop off and the lid go down on a chick!
I am growing plenty of silverbeet and kale to help keep them happy in winter, I am about to try and find out about climbing plants (deciduous) for the chook pen, so if anyone can reccomend some I would be grateful, (we are cool climate here) Ihave been told that a grape vine is good,
well, that's all I have time for now, I look forward to browsing and learning from this site and all its members,
from S. Florida! Its great to have you here with us!
Sounds like you've got it all planned out!
I bet your chickens will just love it when they move into their new "mansion"! Enjoy chickeneering!!

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