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May 27, 2011
Wish I had been aware 40 chickens ago of this forum. I started with 4 hens and a rooster in 2005 because of of grasshoppers. I have an unnatural fear of them (grasshoppers). Since I live in the country and was trying to start an organic garden a friend suggested chickens. Well they did take care of all the grasshoppers, spiders, and of course my garden (didn't really mind it wasn't going good anyway). Well, now instead of being called the cat lady I am call the chicken lady. I cannot walk into a feed store with chicks that I don't leave without at least two. I have Turkens, Bantams, Silkies, Leg Horns, Rhode Island reds and a lot I don't know what they are called. I also have two white turkeys, one brown turkey chick (they told me it was rare) and a common turkey chick.

We (my 40+ chickens and I) all happily live in San Antonio Texas with 2 donkeys, 3 horses (only one is mine), 5 dogs (4 are mine, the 5th is mine until I can find her a home, she found my driveway). I have a 13/14 year old son. Oh almost forgot to mention my 7 Guineas.
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from Alaska and

Wow, I get to welcome two folks from the little sister state in the same day! I have 75 5 week olds that will soon be turned out to the potato field to eat chickweed. (half the field is fenced off for the chickens, we'll rotate the fiend next year)

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