Newbie from UK x


6 Years
Apr 25, 2013
Hi i'm a newbie and pretty new to all thing chicken. We found this site as one of our silkie chicks is poorly and hopefully get some help. We have our chickens at our allotment and our back garden so far we have 24 (mostly chicks) 4 auracana X they are 16 weeks, 12 8 week old orppingtons and a silki mum with 7 chicks. Started with chicks so our daughters get used to them (our three year old loves them although today dropped a silkie chick by accident) he seems a little poorly but i'm an optomist and hopefully TLC will help,
Would love to chat to others new or old to the world of chickens x
Welcome to BYC!!!
Glad to have you aboard!!
from New Mexico!

So glad you could join. It might help to post a question in the Emergencies section of the forums with pics about your "poorly" chick. There may be others out there that are dealing with something similar with their chickens and can help you out with yours.

However it never hurts to add vitamins and minerals to a chickens diet that is ailing. Probiotics as well will pump up the immune system.

Good luck with your babies and enjoy BYC!
Hi everyone thanks for posting back, posted one in emergencies so fingers crossed everything will be ok, wow this really is a worldwide website x

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