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Nov 22, 2020
Hi all ive been using backyard chickens for information and tips since becoming a chicken owner earlier this year, to be honest we jumped into getting chickens very quickly, my family loves all animals and we have multiple others, our children wanted chicks so my husband said "sure i will build a coop" (he had no idea what was required or what he was doing) 😂, due to health issues and learning as we were building the coop as to what it required, it took a while but looked lovely when it was finished, i decided to sign up more to say thank you for an amazing site that is so helpful and informative, im not sure what i would have done to find answers if I hadn't of come across backyard chickens 😀
Welcome - I'm from West Yorkshire. I've just started on my quail journey and I agree, this site has been amazing for help and advice. I've got 11 4wk olds and 5 just hatched from my 2nd attempt. We're in the process of building our coops right now too. Yours look amazing - especially the swinging roosts - I'm planning mini ones for my quail too. Thanks for sharing
hello @Lynnsey25 - welcome to BYC :frow
I'm glad you're all enjoying your chickens! What breed(s) are they and how old are they now?
Hi perris thank you, to be honest im not totally sure of there breed, being completely new to chickens we went by what we were told by the man we got our chicks from, which was bluebells, french maran, light sussex and welsummer, he also told me that they were hens but we were soon to realise that there was roosters in the mix, in fact of the 7 chicks 4 turned out to be roosters, because we live on a housing estate we knew the boys couldn't stay, upsetting our children but fortunately my father in-law has a friend that has chickens and no neighbours to worry about,when we got the boys there he was surprised at how big they were for there age, and also said he didn't think that they were the breeds we were told, as for how old they are from the original 7 we had 2 @ 20 & 5 @ 22weeks old 🙂
so you have 3 now?
This is a useful site listing all recognized chicken breeds in the UK
I don't see anything in the pictures you've posted resembling those breeds either, but it's useful to know what a breed should look like, for next time! And I wouldn't buy from the same guy again. But even as mixes, when they lay, you might have one that lays a blue-green egg, a Maran should lay a dark brown, and a Welsummer should lay a deep terracotta coloured egg. A colourful egg-basket is more important than pure breed hens in many people's eyes, including the upmarket Clarence Court brand eggs, apparently favoured by Prince Charles!

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