Newbie from UT


8 Years
Aug 28, 2011
We are some what new to chickens and learning a ton about them. I feel silly at times because I'll put my camp chair in the yard and watch the silly birds.

We have 14 hens. I have 1 Aracuna, 1 bard rock, 3 americanas, 4 buff operington, and 5 RI reds. We went from 5 eggs from the oldest 5 this past July to just starting to get 9 as of yesterday. Exciting time for the kids to get eggs.

I found this site when I googled chicken coops. currently building a bigger coop. Planning to get a few more birds.

My other interest are hunting fishing and cast bullets.

My family is large we have 7 kids. 5 daughters and 2 sons. Ages range from 10 down to 2 months. Our house is full of energy. Wife is working on becoming an RN and works as a CNA. I am between jobs for now. We have one lab, 2 cats, and the weed control crew of 2 goats. We own our home on an acre.

from Alabama. Glad you joined us. Your not alone, I love sitting outside & watching the chickens exploring the yard

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