Newbie from Walton KY need help finding laying hens???


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Apr 9, 2009
Walton KY
HI I am having real problems finding any young hens around my area. No one has any for sale, or at least maybe where I am looking no one has any. Could anyone on here help me with a few good places to look? I live about 30 min south of Cincinnati OH, and I have searched on craigs list with out any real help. I would like to get either RIR, Buffingtons, Orphingtons, or really any bigger chicken that lays eggs quite well. Hope to hear from you all.
Welcome to BYC!

You could post a request on the "Wanted" thread.

....and you can look in the for sale section on BYC for those in your area or maybe buy some to be shipped.
here's the link for chickens 8 weeks and older

Hope you find what you're looking for
there are two ky threads....kytraders and i never can remember the other one. And we have tons of swaps happening!
How far do you want to drive? Southern Ohio poultry show this week end. at Lucasville Oh. 312 O'conner Rd 45648 The guy that I got mine from said that people bring there extras to sell. And June 4 and 5 is swap days same address. no shortage of chickens there:p. Lucasville Would only be about 2 hrs for you down the A.A highway. John

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