Newbie has egg laying questions


10 Years
Mar 14, 2009
Ridgefield, WA
My 16 week old Australorp was doing the egg song yesterday. Quite funny as all the other girls were not sure what the heck she was making so much noise about.

I know that it is too soon for her too start laying. But I looked for an egg anyway.

My question is...when should I put the nesting boxes in the coop?
And when do I switch form Grower to Layer feed?
I'm needing to learn about this next phase and could use your advise.
I started mine on layer feed at 18 weeks. And the nest box in at the same time. My australorp started laying at 24 wks. My ladies ignored the box until I put a fake egg in. So you might do that from the start. Good luck.
Her comb and wattles should get redder when she is about to start laying. Maybe you have a precocious pullet!

It's also OK to wait til you see eggs before switching feed. Fine to mix the two feeds during the changeover, too.
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I would put the nesting boxes in the coop now, so its not too strange. About switching the feed, I agree with ddawn, its ok to wait till you actually see eggs or to mix the 2 feeds.

Its so exciting to see those 1st eggs. Take pics!


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