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Apr 18, 2012
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Hi, I haven't got Turkey's yet but seriously thinking about it. I need all the help and info I can get. I am trawling through the site and finding the nuggets of information, but would like to know specifically the best breed for me.
I want them as pets and as a hobby, not to eat. Can I eat the eggs? So whats the best breed for me? I have limited space, so maybe a smaller breed? Also, info on housing them, space they require, toms to hen ratios?

Thanks in advance...

I'll now get back to researching!

If you want a pet, you want a heritage turkey. They look nicer, come in more colors, and typically age better than broad-breasted turkeys.and they're smaller. Midget whites are very small, but if you want a pet, you want something more interesting to look at. It becomes a matter of preference. I prefer birds that look more natural, like bronzes and narragansetts, with or without red genes. I think Red Bronze may be my personal favorite, although I am trying to breed a Golden Phoenix. Lots of people like bourbon reds. A well colored Royal palm tom is a striking bird when displaying. I avoid blues and blacks and chocolates just because I think they look kind of weird for turkeys, but others love them. (Ironically, I like blue chickens. Hey, these are my preferences, I don't have to be consistent
). Go to Porter's heritage turkeys and look around. Then go to Craigslist and find what you want.

By the way, the eggs are fine for eating.
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Thank you for your reply, that has really helped loads! What about space? Will they be ok in a 3m x 3m pen with a large chicken coop? I only want one or two. Also, I have read that a chick can be raised with a turkey and be ok together?
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3m x 3m is enough space for a couple of birds. THey will probably beat it down pretty good and so you won't get teh benefit of the turkeys eating bugs and other natural stuff.

If you give them shade and a windbreak, you wouldn't really need a coop. Just put a roost about 4 ft off the ground and they will be fine.

I keep our chickens and turkeys seperate because their nutritional needs are different, especially when less than 6 months old. Little turkleys need much more protein.

Wolverhampton is a great name for a town.

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