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    Mar 11, 2011
    Hi i feed my chickens layena crumbles the reaason i use crumbles is because if you use pellets you need to put in granite grit [wich can be bought were you get your feed] so the rocks in their tummys can crush the pellets. Yes you should put oyster shells in the feed because it results in a stronger shell even more so than just a feed formulated for layers.
    Hope that helps.
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    You really do need to see what's available where you live. A great many chicken feeds are only distributed regionally, not nationally. Some of the farm stores also have one of the feed producers mix up a feed just for them. They'll all have an ingredient list on the bag, so you can compare.

    I wouldn't mix anything in with the crumbles or pellets, especially scratch. Usually, that just causes them to dig around in the feeder and waste more feed. I usually feed oyster shell and grit in their own little hopper feeders, like rabbits eat out of. You can use a bowl if you want, too. Scratch I usually toss out on the ground.
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    My flock is comprised of many different ages of chickens plus some ducks, and some of the ducks are also too young to lay. So I don't feed layer feed to my flock. I feed grower/finisher feed, and provide oyster shell free choice. I bought a large bag of it and it was very cheap, actually. It will last a LONG time. I put the crushed oyster shell in a large dog dish (so anybody who wants it can get it without going into a coop).

    Works for me. The grower/finisher feed is crumbles, not pellets, but I could buy it in pellet form. I just chose to feed crumbles. I also have bantam breeds in my flock.
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    All I'd say is keep it simple. Just buy the feed by the 50 lbs. bag at the local co-op and be done with it!! If you want to get technical and start comparing feeds and adjusting rations, do that after you are settled in. Your girls will survive.

    If you are going to feed a lot of scratch grains, then you may need grit. Free ranging birds can pick it up off the ground. This is my only exception to my "keep it simple" rule.

    Have Fun!
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