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May 22, 2017

I am new here! Have been exploring all morning! My daughter got 5 chickens from the feed store with her birthday money. To say I am stressed out of my mind is an understatement. We are city people and have never owned any type of farm animal. The one experience as a child having a baby lasted all of 32 hours when it died. We have had these for 2 weeks and should be 4 weeks now. The baby chicks are very cute 4 of them are very sweet and docile and the other one is not very friendly yet. I want to learn all about chickens and how to care for them and want to move them to an outdoor coop in a couple weeks. I am a blank canvas and have no idea what I am doing! They seem to be thriving so far though! 2 were sold as females and 3 as unknowns so I am excited about the farm eggs and hopefully we will only get one rooster (or none) since we are in city limits and neighbors might not like it! Any suggestions or links to main learning threads welcome!
Chickens with one of my girls this morning- Elsa Snow Princess, Sushi roll, Fuzzy Pants, Midnight and Noodles


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Mar 18, 2017
Welcome to BYC! There is indeed a lot to learn here. I'd recommend clicking on "Articles" at the top of the page and then "Learning Center" and then dig in. If you have any specific questions and a quick search doesn't come up with an answer, then the group is very good about answering questions that have been asked a hundred times before. :)

If you want some help checking the breeds and/or genders of your chicks, you can create a new thread in this forum and people will hop right in and offer their insights.
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The Learning center is the best place to start a chicken education . You may also want to join your state thread. Just put state name in the search box above and it will come up for you.

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