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Aug 13, 2016
Hello. We have just gotten three hens three days ago. They are lovely and I have never had chickens before. This morning one was sitting in the nesting box for almost two hours. Is this preparation for laying eggs? They are supposed to be 17 weeks and I know they will be laying very soon. Just want information on what behaviour to expect. Many thanks. Newbie
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Yep, if they are hanging out in the nesting box, it is likely they will lay soon. Some other signs are "squatting" and the increased redness of the comb and wattles. Here are a few articles on how to tell when your chickens are about to start laying.

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Also add crushed egg shells or some Valium to there food others wise the egg shells will be super thin
Hey all. Thanks for the advice. Not sure how to add a new post.
One of the three chooks we just got tends to peck at one other's face. She backs off. I'm assuming this is pecking order behaviour. Is there anything I can do or do I just have to accept that's just the way chooks are? Will she get more aggressive or is this the extent of it?
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