Newbie in Arizona


6 Years
Sep 25, 2013
West Coast of Arizona
Hi all,
My name is Kristine and my husband and I are just starting research into a backyard chicken flock. We think we'd like to start with 4 birds, hens only. Any advice out there for breeds that can tolerate our summer high temps is most welcome!

I live in Florida. If you can keep them cool - Swamp like coolers - I spray a cypress tree in the run and let the wind do its thing with the cooling. You can offer them frozen water bottles to lay upon or cold watermelon. Shade. You can find ways to keep most breeds happy. I have had all kinds of different types of chickens. At first I did not order orpingtons because they are suppose to be cold hardy but I finally got some and they did fine in the heat! You just have to provide ways to keep cool in the heat because Heat can kill.

Glad you joined us!

Hi :) build a coop with great ventilation (I think I have a link to mine in my profile, but there are lots of other examples here too. Visit us in the Arizona forum! Lots of ideas there.

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