Newbie in Kentucky


7 Years
Oct 25, 2012
Hey everybody! I'm from Kentucky and new to raising chickens. :) My Papaw used to raise chickens and until I started raising them myself this summer I was terrified of them. Lol. When I was 3 I was attacked by some kind of fighting rooster we had and I was scared of them ever since. When we got some chicks this summer I was a little apprehensive. They were cute when they were small but I was afraid they would be mean and peck me when they got bigger. Turns out they're as sweet as can be. :) They follow me around and talk to me when I go out to their pen. Anyways, they're adorable, do tricks and I totally love my chickies!
Hi, I'm from Washington state. This is my first time with chickens to. I have Salmom Faverolles, what breed do you have? I just love mine. They love to cuddle and talk. I already have grate memories with mine. Glad to here you got over your chicken fear.
Welcome from a fellow Kentuckian!
Thanks for the welcomes! Glad to be here with other people that love chickies too!
@ 15shenyl: I'm not sure what kind I have. My brother bought em and brought em home and then didn't feel like messing with em. He thought they were too much trouble to bother with so I ended up raising and taking care of them and the 2 Pekin Ducks he went and got a few weeks after getting the chickens. My avatar is one of my babies. I'll try to post some more pics on my profile of them and maybe some one here can identify them for me? :p

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