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Sep 5, 2007
Toowoomba, QLD
Hi - its been a while since I was on here but its nice to be back!

I now want to get into ducks and got an incubator (covatutto 6) and tried to hatch out my 1st lots of "ebay" eggs - none were fertile so thinking maybe too early in season?
My bator wouldnt get to 100 and stayed around 97/98 the themometer is fine as I've checked it but the bator just wont stay hot enough, any ideas please as I dont want togive up incubating before I've started!
Did you contact the seller of the eggs?? Any reputable person would only sell eggs if they have test incubated eggs themselves first before offering them for sale. While transportation can damage eggs- at least if they have hatched some themselves- they at least have some way of showing that their eggs are good before shipping - And may even offer a replacement or refund. You could try finding some eggs locally that you can pick up rather than having them posted to you. Always candle eggs before they go into the incubator- check the size of the air cell- to make sure you havent got very old eggs as well.

Also ... if you are having trouble with your incubator- contact the manufacturer- or where you bought it from if you believe it is faulty. You should have some kind of warranty- or at least suggest something that can be done.
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