"newbie" Introduction from Big Sky Country!


6 Years
Sep 13, 2013
Hello all!

I'm Gina, hailing from the great state of Montana. My husband and I recently purchased our "dream" hobby farm and started raising a few (8 so far) chickens. We have built our chicken palace out of ideas I found on this site. I have been lurking here for awhile now and find that this is the first place I go to reference anything Chicken related. Thank you for all of your great information and Advice.

Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan, glad you joined in
You will learn so much from this site....so many smart folks!
And you will love chicken keeping.....but get ready, you are going to want more. :p
I envy you living in Montana....what a beautiful place.
Good luck with your dream farm. :yesss:

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