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7 Years
Oct 29, 2012
hello all, new to BYC.

i am new to chickens, my chickens came with the property i bought last year. started with two hens in July 2011. One of my hen came home one day w/4 peeps. still have not found the daddy rooster. the peeps grew up to be 3 roosters with one peep not making it.

the rooters were too much for the two hens, so i gave away 2 of them and kept one. in May 2012, i bought few more pullets but only two turned out to be hens and returned the rest.

so now we have 1 rooster and 4 hens. i am not sure about the breeds one of the hen is a rumples little black one (very cute), one seems to be a golden comment, one rhode island red and one seems to look like a buff.

started doing google searches to learn about raising chickens and BYC kept being a source of good answers so decided to join.

my sons and i hunt, fish and fly model airplanes.
Greetings from Kansas, b12ptr, and
! Happy you joined our community. Best of luck to you!

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