Newbie - Is this behavior OK?

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Apr 22, 2014
Hi! We decided to get some laying hens this year, both for eggs and for general enjoyment. We started off with three chicks we've raised from a week old, a RIR, a barred rock, and an easter egger. They are now 8 weeks, fully feathered, and general sweetie peeties. I also have a four year old daughter (and they all three love her!). For Easter, her Auntie bought her a 10 month old Golden Comet, which was great because we wanted one more chicken anyway. My daughter is IN LOVE with this sweet chicken (that is them in my profile picture.) However, the golden comet has started being a little bossy with our other girls. I know some "pecking order" behavior is normal, and she allows the other girls to eat/drink/play, etc, but sometimes will run at them squawking for no reason. She hasn't hurt them or pulled out any feathers that I can tell. But my three girls are now avoiding her. And today, she seems to prefer that the other girls stay in the coop. She allows them to come down for a bit into the run, they eat and peck for a bit, and then she starts running and squawking at them. We have a large thunderstorm moving in, could she be doing this for that reason? And she doesn't so much chase them into the coop as she starts squawking at them and they seek refuge in the coop. I'm hoping maybe the three smaller girls are just staying up there because they sense the storm moving in (this will be their first thunderstorm.) Is this normal? I just love all four of our girls so much and I want to make sure things are great for all of them! I have a very large dog crate that I could use for "time out" for the golden comet if need be (with a feed and water of course.) They are in a large a-frame tractor with plenty of run/coop space for four birds. We have over an acre of grassy yard so this seemed to be a good option for us.

I guess my question is, how much bossiness is too much bossiness? And is today's ramped-up bossiness due to the bad weather coming in? Thanks so much for any help.
It is normal. She should already be laying and that puts her at the top of the pecking order. As long as she is not harming them then just let them be to work itself out on its own. I don't know if the storm has anything to do with how she is treating them. Mostly because my chickens stay out in the rain as long as there are no strong winds.

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