Newbie looking for help/guidance on coop.


11 Years
Sep 16, 2008
Cheshire, MA
I have a large old barn, with many rooms of the main part. We want to use one of these rooms as a coop for the chickens (14 Black Sex Link hens) with a door out to the yard. I'm confused about different set-ups I've seen. Some show boxes for them to lay in and others show roosts (not sure how high they should be) and pine shavings on the floor with a portion un-littered (presumably for laying). Also I'm confused about the 'hanging food and water'. This room is about 10' x 12' with two doors on opposite walls and two windows on one wall. We are only using them for eggs, not brooding if this makes any difference. Any and all info would be appreciated.
You'll need minimum of 3 nest boxes and 12 feet of roost about 3 feet high. I use litter on my whole floor and hay in the nest boxes. My hens food and water I have raised off the floor so they are about hen neck height but they are not hanging. I have some blocks of wood under them, but hanging them is also an option.
I would only add one thing to Redoak's post about roosts- Don't use round poles or tree limbs. I made mine out of 1 1/4 x 2" oak (although 2x4 pine will work) with the edges knocked off then installed so that they roost on the widest part. Chickens do better if they don't have to hold on. This will allow them to lower themselves down over their feet and legs in cold weather

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