Newbie looking to connect to MN chicken fans


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Sep 4, 2013
Hi everyone,
I'm in Wright County MN and I just got my first flock of 4 chickens this week. They are about 15 weeks old, and I've spent the week reading everything and anything I could about how to care for chickens.

I'm glad to "meet" everyone, but I'm especially hoping to connect to people in my same climate, who will experience the same or similar temp swings (-20 wind chill to 101 degrees with 100% humidity) so I can ask questions specific to how to care for the girls as our first year progresses. I *really* want to care for these girls as well as possible so they stay healthy and happy, they're so adorable!

I just got our coop and I bought it used, so I'm about to clean it out tomorrow before putting the girls in it. I will post pictures as soon as I can, because I'd like some input on how to add more ventilation, as I suspect their isn't quite enough. We are also going to modify it to make it bigger, and there is a connected run (though the girls will be allowed time to roam in our fenced in yard daily as well).

I'm really hoping I can ask questions and get lots of good answers as I learn, and I in turn will be able to help other newbies eventually as well to pay your kindness to me forward:)

Thanks in advance for any support, answers and advice you offer as I learn the ropes:)


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go to the "where am I, where are you," thread in the social forum, it will be a tab to the right side. Then you can locate and post on your state thread. Best way to meet some neighbors.


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:welcome and good luck with your new flock! :frow I'm in N. Dakota, so I know where your coming from lol. This is my first year raising chickens for a few years and first time solo, so I'm working though this myself.


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Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan :D

We also have a climate that can be very intemperate. The key to cold climate housing is a well-ventilated draft-free coop with wide roosts (a 2x4 layed wide side flat works great) so that birds can rest comfortably and cover their feet. I do not use nor recommend supplemental heat for many reasons. In hot weather good ventilation and shady areas throughout the day are key.

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