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10 Years
May 7, 2009
Morrisville VT
I have 6 chickens, 5 hens and one roo, they have all been together since I got them one day old 21 weeks ago. I have 3 golden comet hens, 2 Plymouth Rock hens and a Plymouth Rock rooster. I have to say he is a handsome rooster and big, twice the size of all the hens. I think my problems are related but I could be all wet.
The 3 Goldens are laying and the 2 Plymouth Rocks aren't. The Rooster is prety rough with the hens when he does his thing with them, biting them on the back of the neck, pushing them down to the ground and then mounting them for a few secconds while the hen squaks and when it is all over they both shake off and go their separate ways. The Rooster is ALWAYS trying to mount the hens.
I guess my question here is, is that normal.
Part 2, one of the Goldens likes to escape from the pen and come to the house, my wife made the mistake of taking her in and puting her in a box to lay her egg, now she escapes every morning, comes to the house and lays her egg in the house instead of in the nesting box in the coop that all the other hens are using. My thoughts are she is either claustrofobic or she is affraid the rooster will attack her while in the nesting box, she has gone in there a couple of times and he stays in the area and squacks when she is in the box. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to get her to stay in the pen and lay her eggs where she is
supposed to.
I am NOT the voice of experience. But your rooster may get better with the hens; he's young. If they're not losing neck/back feathers, he must not be too bad. And him squawking while the hen is trying to lay is probably his form of encouragement, not intimidation.

As for the would find it convenient to have the hen come to the house to lay the egg. Other than covering their pen so your comet can't escape, or NOT allowing her into the house to lay, I'm not sure how you would redirect her egg laying habit...maybe take the egg and place it in the correct nest box and show her....

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