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Sep 27, 2009
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Hello! Wayne (Wa) and Michelle (Mi) from the Outer Banks (OBX) of NC here. We have been toying with the idea of having chickens since we moved from our rented condo to a house of our own (on 3/4 of an acre) almost 4 years ago. WELL...we have decided that the time is right and we are going to go for it.

We have been looking at all the different coop pictures on this site and have pretty much decided on the details we want ours to have. We haven't chosen an exact design yet. I guess it will just have to come together on Tuesday when we start building it...

We went to our local bookstore and ordered the Raising Chickens for Dummies book and it will be here tomorrow.

We have located a poultry farm a short drive from us and we are going to call to see if we can go look at the different types of chickens he has and purchase them that way instead of by mail-order. We are planning on 6 or 8 and hope to get juvenile birds instead of peeps since it is so late in the year. If anyone is interested in taking al look and giving us their opinion the site is Also, our roommate's father raises chickens for Purdue and has LOTS of chickens every couple of months. He has offered to rescue a few for us if we want. I'm not so sure that is a good idea though. We hope to visit the poultry farm on Friday after going to the Pumpkin Patch for our granddaughter's preschool field trip.

Our two youngest daughters still live at home (ages 15 & 17) and are as excited as we are. Our granddaughters are beside themselves. Olivia, age 4, asks us every day if we have chickens yet. I can't wait to get pictures of them all with the chickens and eventually gathering eggs!

Well, that's all for now. We will definitely post again once our coop is finished and again when we get our chickens.

Michelle and Wayne


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from Washington

Congrats on joining us and getting the chicken bug



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Aug 18, 2009
Welcome to both of you from Missouri. I just started with my chickies in August. I mainly wanted pets and eggs. I researched and went with Buff Orps, Barred Rock and RIR's. In my case the Buff Orps are the friendliest. They are only 8 weeks old so are not laying, but should be great egg layers. You are lucky that your family is so excited. My daughter is 19 and really could care less about my chickens, as well as my DH (although he did build my coop for me
. Enjoy, chickens are so much fun.....who knew:D. Keep us posted


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Mar 25, 2008

It looks like the place you have chose to get your birds from has lots to choose from, to that will be wonderful! I'm not seeing that they offer anything other than chicks though. I hope you find what you want.

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