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    Mar 28, 2016
    Hi all! Thought it was about time I made my own account rather than lurking and hopefully get some answers of my own!

    I am incubating a small batch of button quail eggs and we are on day 15 - went into lockdown yesterday. I also have a second batch that are 5 days younger who are also in the inky.

    Today when turning my younger batch I noticed what looked like a bit of dirt on one of the eggs to I picked it off but a tiny bit of shell came away- it is white underneath assuming that is membrane. Is it possible it was actually a small pip? Have not had any progress for over 6 hours.

    Another one of my lockdown batch has a raised area with a few tiny cracks is this a pip? Or possible something I missed before setting the eggs :(

    I water candled before lockdown and a few were moving.

    My incubator is old and temperamental so have had issues with temp spikes but since moving it inside yesterday I have been able to keep it between 37.5-37.8 and humidity is at 68% does this seem right?

    I have to turn my younger batch again soon and will try to snap a few pictures of my suspected pips if I'm quick enough. I worry about the humidity dropping too much.

    Any help will be much appreciated!!

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