Newbie question about brooder temperature

The Farmer's Mama

8 Years
Aug 8, 2011
Eastern Shore, VA
My family got our first ever chicks 2 weeks ago. We are very excited! We are worried about the temp in there though...My bulb was way too hot for my chicks, so we got a smaller bulb and now the temp wont get over 80. They seem happy. No huddling up under the light. They just are in there hanging out. Is is ok for my 2 week old chicks to be at 80 degrees?
As long as they are active around the whole brooder and don't huddle up much, I'd say they are fine. I never use a thermometer. I always go by what the chicks are doing. They do tend to huddle up when sleeping, but it shouldn't be a tight huddle.
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If it helps, i second what ChickeeMomma said, look at them and if they look fine, they are! Good luck!
I don't keep a thermometer in my brooders.....I go by how the chicks are acting. If they act comfortable then they are. They're very quick to let you know if they're too cold.

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