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As I type this, my boyfriend is putting the finishing touches on our coop. Before I go pick up my 2 hens, what do I need to get? I know I need some type of feeder and something for water, some type of bedding and some food. Do chickens adapt rather easily to their new surroundings? I'm not even sure if I am in the right forum, keep in mind, I am new! Also, I want to get 2 laying hens, is there anything I should look for when picking them out? Thanks!
Hi, and welcome. I'm also a newby, but can give simple answers to some of your questions. First, two chickens is a fight - three is a flock. Perhaps you should get three hens. I think they should be less than one year old to give you maximum enjoyment, and hopefully already laying. I like softwood shavings the best. Here it's cheap and sold in compressed bales. Have fun.
Thanks! Unfortunately, I can only have 2 hens in the city I live in
Sounds like you are going to be an awesome chicken mommy! Chickens adjust very well to new surroundings though they often stop laying for days or every and few weeks. I don't know where you live but be really observant of the heat index. Depending on your humidity and temp they could need some real special help right now to stay cool. Welcome to BYC! I use the search a lot for information. You can find almost any kind of help in a hurry that way.
Hi and welcome to BYC! You also need a nest box and a roost for them to sleep. Once they are laying, they may need oyster shell to harden the egg shells. Make sure the run and coop are very secure. Chicken wire is useless and go with something stronger like hardware cloth or welded wire. Good luck!

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